Photography is about the technical as well as the environmental aspects of art.  It’s not an art form where you can add a nice looking post processing filter and all of sudden your picture is amazing.  You have to know the basics: framing, exposure, aperture etc.  However, even more important than any of these is the subject itself and the contact with the environment that gives a photographer their greatest creative edge.

Photography in its base form is how an artist interprets what they see while simultaneously interacting with the environment and people around them.  It’s different then painting or sculpture – once the lens is brought out – at that precise moment the photo is taken, that moment in time is captured with all the human filters associated with it, from the eye of the photographer to the interactions that have taken place.

I focus my work primarily on Travel and Art.   I rarely use my telephoto anymore.  When applicable, I try to get as close to the subject as possible, so I can feel it as much as see it.  I admire photographers who can approach seemingly uncomfortable situations and get a shot where it looks as natural as if you were standing there talking or interacting all along, before the lens has even made its appearance.

I am long-time resident of San Francisco.  Every day I am here I feel lucky.  I try to consistently see the world around me through open and new eyes.  I try to approach my interactions with different people and cultures the same way – always open and ready to accept other ideas.

-Adamo Maino